Dear Colleagues,

Due to the current epidemic of COVID-19 and its consequences, the organizers have decided to postpone the congress to 2022.
Accepted panels and individual contributions will be included in the congress program in 2022 (if you wish to modify or withdraw your contribution, please contact the congress secretariat).
The new date and other detals will be announced soon.

Congress Organizing Committee

At the crossroads: The concepts, questions and perspectives behind Czech literary studies in a globalized world

Chief organizer: Institute of Czech Literature, CAS

In 2020 a quarter of a century will have passed since all literary scholars dealing with Czech literature were able  to come together for the first time following the fall of the Iron Curtain. Hence the First Congress of World Czech Literary Studies in 1995 was assigned the task of examining the past and the current state of the actual discipline and of becoming a forum for its self-reflection. The turbulent developments in the humanities over the last few decades and the dramatic transformations of the university environment taking place against the backdrop of the conflicting cultural, social and political processes summed up by the term globalization have also set our discipline in motion. The situation of Czech literary studies is nowadays characterized by the profusion of its theoretical frameworks and methodological positions, which provide an opportunity for the study of Czech literature and more generally the literatures of the Czech lands to raise new questions and re-update old ones, as well as by a weakening in the institutional base of Czech studies research in those nations of the world where Czech studies is disappearing as an independent academic discipline.    
Hence the objective of this Congress will be to reexamine the state and prospects of our discipline, both from an institutional and an intellectual standpoint. Discussions will focus on the conditions surrounding Czech literary studies as a modern philology, its status in the modern academic world, the media environment and the challenges it faces and debate over the scholarly paradigms that dynamize contemporary Czech studies research, the methodological and theoretical standpoints to which Czech literary studies currently respond and which  resonate most within them and the scholarly topics that are of crucial importance from the standpoint of the specialist community for Czech studies worldwide and in the Czech Republic. 
The scholarly programme of the Congress will be responsive to the pluralistic nature of  contemporary literary studies research conceived to a decisive extent from below, using open panels, although sufficient space will also be devoted to independent contributions. The programme will have four programme frameworks: 

Czech literature in the Czech lands and in the world at large 

A profusion of methods, a profusion of Czech studies 

Czech literature / the literature of the Czech lands: question box 

Boundaries of Czech literary studies 

The main languages of the proceedings will be Czech (Slovak) and English, while in exceptional cases we can accept papers in German and other languages.