Active participation – panels

Unlike previous congresses, the Sixth World Czech Literary Studies Congress provides an opportunity to enter not only individual contributions on specific programme framework issues, but also panels. We wish to provide the specialist community with the opportunity to make significant contributions to the subject matter of the congress proceedings by means of panel proposals. 

A panel consists of three or four contributions and provides an opportunity to present individual research trends, sub-disciplines, topics and ongoing projects in greater detail, with the emphasis on their internal structure, as well as the theoretical framework of your research and the application of these frameworks to specific material and the like. The maximum length of one contribution within the framework of a panel is twenty minutes. 

Applicants are to submit panel applications based on their own choice of co-workers. The applicant is the exponent of the panel's research approach and its organizer during the congress preparations.

Panel applications are to be submitted using the online form.
Formats accepted: doc, docx, rtf

A panel application must include: 
•    the working title of the panel
•    a panel summary up to 1800 key depressions in length
•    the working titles of individual contributions
•    the name, affiliation and contact details for other panel participants
•    one of the main congress topics for which the panel has been entered.

The closing date for panel applications has been set for Sunday 27th October 2019.
The Congress Programme Committee will decide on the acceptance of submitted panels by 15th November 2019. Definitive inclusion of a panel in the congress programme will be subject to subsequent registration of the individual panelists as congress participants.